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Played a short beginner/ kid friendly course today at Seven Oaks Park in Columbia, SC and it was a lot of fun for my wife, the girls, and myself. This is where the Discraft Ace Race is gonna be held in Sept. one hole was 275′ and the rest were under 200′. Great course for beginners and a good practice for more experienced players to practice upshots. Brand new course and the tees are only marked by temporary signs right now but they do have the concrete tees donated. They just havent had them put in yet. They do have a longer setup too but I couldnt find it today.

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Welcome to our world

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We want to first welcome you to our world. This blog will follow our journey as a family of disk golfers living in Aiken, South Carolina. Altogether there are seven of us with currently four of us playing golf, two have yet to have the chance the try and the final on is in a stroller but spends a lot of time holding disks and watching everyone play. We call her our cheerleader. As I said there are four of us who play actively first is Keith, aka Daddy Burns, he is our biggest golfer and plays most days. We have only been playing since the spring but he has already been in one tournament and is looking forward to playing in many more. Next up is Colleen, aka Mommy Burns, unlike daddy I do not tend to play every day as I am in school and try to get a lot done in the evenings but I play as much as I can, my plan is to play in my first tournament sometime next year. The heat is also a big reason I do not play as much right now do to trying to keep our 19 month old, Kae “babygirl” Burns from being in the heat too much. The other two family players are J Burns, who is a senior this year and enjoys playing when she visits and would like to try a tournament and Little B Burns a sweet seven year old who is getting an arm on her. We call all three girls our future champs in training because they are already champs to us and we know they will succeed in what ever they try. Babygirl Burns may be in a stroller but she already loves to put disks in the basket. 
Besides just going out to play rounds Daddy Burns has made a small indoor basket that we use lids for to play with and Daddy and Mommy Burns can often be found reading about and watching disk golf online. We all can not wait for Killer B’s disk golf store to open in Augusta, Ga so that we can get to know the owners and get to check out all the great plastic they will be bringing our way. Our first goal with them is to get Little B some lighter disks that will help her throw even better!!!! We can’t wait to see what she will do with them. Besides just talking about how our golfing goes this blog will also let you know what courses are best if you are taking a stroller along with you, as not all courses make pushing a stroller easy. Those courses our what we call Nanny and Granny  courses as they are courses that work best for us when Babygirl can stay with Nanny or Granny while we go.
From time to time this blog may also include pictures and blogs about other things going on in our lives. Daddy likes to draw so we will feature some of that. Mom crochets, cross stitches and bakes/decorates cakes so there will be some of that. Also we will include some interesting things going on with our little angels.
We are Team Burns a family that loves time together and disk golf. We hope to soon add S Burns and Little K Burns to our disk golfing adventures. We want to welcome you to our journey and thank you for reading.
By His Grace,
Team Burns

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